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CHALKMAZE - 01 - Died Inside
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We drove them off, but their constant attacks had finally broken through the R-90's shielding and the life sustaining system had been leaking out into space.  It had been a long, hard fought battle, and had taken it's toll on both sides.  So much so, that there were only two of us left on the ship.
I had done my best to assist an old "friend", exit the ship before things got any worse.  To find support and send back help.  I waited...  But help never came.

I had foolishly painted myself into a corner, so to speak, as all the faculties of the ship continued to fail, and I stood by, instead of finding an alternative solution or escape. 

When my "friend" finally sent a message, I was in complete shock and horror of what I read.  There would be no help, or rescue, I was on my own.  She had found happiness, and was tired of all the perilous adventures. I was informed to never contact her again.
I instantly went into panic mode, and nearly killed myself, as I had fallen down one of the ships shafts and onto a broken spike that cut my chest badly and went partially into my heart.  I was nearly dead, and losing blood fast, yet somehow still alive.  In my desperation to stop the bleeding, I found one of the tattered ships live electomic wire's that had been damaged during the attacks. 

I placed the wire into the wound going into my heart and convulsed and shook as the wire quickly cauterized my wounds. 

I was technically alive, but I would never be the same again...
It was then that I realized my only chance of survival, would be to take the emergency escape ship.  Launching the little ship would automatically trigger the old battleship's self-destruct sequence.

It had been a good bird, done it's duty, and kept us alive through all those long ardous battles over the years, but it's time had come.

The R-90 was no more, and I headed towards a small nearby planet called Potchy.